Drawing & Design

My drawing based on Anime-Manga style, I love to draw characters since little kid, and when i grow up, I choose manga style because of simplicity & easy to understand for many people. Simply enhance and perfect my pen-and-paper illustrations in digital creative process, I use CSP for sketching to inking processed. For color & finishing I use PSD or CDR, depend on request.

In year 1995-2000 I learn seriously about manga style, Tatsumaki is my mentor back then, many thanks for him, I able to created many Tutorial Books that sold 10k copy ++ for every title of my newbies guidance tuts. Unfortunately i dont had my luck to release my comic books, because of my illustration schedule is like hell back then.

Here’s some memoir of my books:

How to Draw Chibi 1

How to Draw Chibi 2

How to Draw Moe 2

How to Draw Moe 1

How to Draw Angels

How to Draw Kakkoi

How to Digital Coloring

How to Draw Content Sample

Ok, time to move on :p,
Now I’ve spend my time to focus on illustrated, making Original Characters, Logo, Stickers, etc for fun & killing my time. I do vector or bitmap for finishing, as needed. Here’s some sample of making Mint Zhao, my OC I created long time before “Miku” was born…

Rough Sketching


Finishing & Base Coloring

Sum Bonuses HD Vector img For Your Eyes Only 🙂

Racing Design

Racing is my second passion, I do moto race since I have my first bike, Suzuki Crystal, fastest 110cc 2 stroke in class back then :D.

Time flies, I move to circuit since I realize highway isn’t right place for doing race. In circuit I learn a lot about racing design & gosh… I fell in love with helmets, decals, racing suit, paddock, team shirt of big factory racing at MotoGP, SBK, MXGP, FIM even Asian level or local race.

Funny things is… They all my inspiration, Im doing racing design with excited feel, i love when people satisfied with my design for they team or personal use. It’s fun, makes my life means something.

Logo Design & Stationary

When I walking down the street, I always wondering, how this people can build a tower with good signs, cool color and simple but powerful logo for their company?

Many giant brand make their logo based on their products images, the logo itself means a lot, even how simple is it, they have philosophy and other good combination of art & precision

There you go, I opened commision based on my skill right now, you can send me inquiry here.